Obstetric FAQs

For your convenience, we have listed answers to some commonly asked questions. Whenever possible, please write down any questions to review at your prenatal visits.

1) Who will deliver my baby?
Dr. Phuong Nguyen is committed to being there for her patients whenever possible. Since started private practice in 2011, she has attended ~98% of her patients’ deliveries and urgent medical visits. Whenever she is unavailable, she signs out to another excellent OB/GYN as below:

Dr. Tae W. Noh
Dr. Hanh N. Hoang

2) Which over-the-counter medications can I take during pregnancy?
Please view the list here.

3) What routine tests should I expect to have, and when are they done?

4) I was exposed to chicken pox. Do I need to worry?
If you had chicken pox as a child, you are immune and do not need to worry. If you have no history of chicken pox and are exposed, please call our office.

 5) I was exposed to a child with “slapped cheek” syndrome.  Do I need to worry?
“Slapped cheek” syndrome, also known as fifth disease, is a common viral infection in children caused by parvovirus B19. Although it rarely causes infections in the developing fetus, please notify us of your exposure.

 6) Can I color my hair and get my nails done?
The limited evidence that’s available suggests that it’s probably safe to dye your hair during pregnancy. If you’re still concerned, consider waiting to color your hair until the second trimester, when your developing baby is less vulnerable. Also, instead of using an all-over hair color, consider a process like streaking, highlighting, painting, or frosting, in which the chemicals have little or no contact with your scalp.

 7) Can I travel?
As long as your pregnancy is uncomplicated, travel by air or car is fine as long as emergency care is available at your destination.  Generally, I do not recommend to travel after 36 weeks. Get more information.

8) Can I exercise?
Yes, exercise is encouraged. There is no recommended heart rate restriction. It is acceptable to maintain the same level of activity that you had before pregnancy, provided that you feel comfortable. We encourage exercises for the lower back, such as yoga and stretching.

 9) Can I have intercourse?
Yes. Intercourse will not cause harm. You may notice some spotting or light bleeding up to 48 hours after intercourse. This is normal. If bleeding is heavy or persists beyond 48 hours, please call our office.

10) Is it safe to sleep on my back?
By the time most pregnant women reach the third trimester (28 weeks), they no longer feel comfortable sleeping on their backs. Most women will want to sleep on their sides to feel more comfortable. A long body pillow can help provide more comfort sleeping in side positions.

 11) How much caffeine is acceptable?
Generally, we suggest limiting your caffeine intake to two (2) hot or cold drinks, or approximately 200 mg, per day.

 12) Which cheeses are safe to eat during pregnancy?
Any cheese that has been pasteurized, including soft cheeses, is safe to eat in pregnancy.

 13) I plan to do some painting. What do I need to know?
Avoid oil-based paint. Latex-based paint is acceptable as long as adequate ventilation is available.

14) What if I need to file for short-term disability?
We encourage you to speak with your human resources department about your benefits package. To file for state of California (EDD) disability benefits, you can fill out the form online at https://www.edd.ca.gov. Follow below instructions:

Click on Home à Claimants à File for a Disability Claim à SDI Online (on right-hand side under Self-Service Options) à SDI Online Registration.

After submitting your form, you will see a receipt number. Please copy this receipt number and email Dr. Nguyen at drnguyen@southbayob.com. In the email, please provide your full name, date of birth, and the receipt number.

Timeline: You should be able to submit the form after the first day of your disability, and no later than 49 days from the beginning of your claim. Please note: The guidelines and procedures for the state are often different than disability insurance policies that you may have through your employer. We are happy to work with you to complete all necessary paperwork. Please direct questions regarding your disability to our medical assistants.

15) What is “paid family leave” I keep hearing about?
In the summer of 2004, the state of California began offering six weeks of paid family leave for “baby bonding,” in addition to any disability leave you may be eligible for. The claim form for PFL will be mailed to you by EDD once your disability benefits have termed. Please note that we do NOT need to fill out the doctor’s certificate on this claim form, as you do not need our authorization to take baby bonding time. Should your spouse or partner wish to take PFL, he or she may request this form online from the California Employment Development Department.